Howdy, Internet people!

My name, as I’m sure you can guess, is Matthew Post. You can call me Matt. I’ve been doing the “Internet thing” since about 1996. That’s when I first happened upon source code. I was on Yahoo one day and right clicked. Noticing the “view source code” option my world pretty much opened up and I was hooked. My first paid web development gig was in 1998.

While building out that first site I realized the amount of traffic that was coming in from people being referred from search engines. From that point on I was obsessed with all of the different “tricks” to get a website placed at the top of search engines. Times were much simpler then. Yahoo was listing websites alphabetically and all someone needed to do, in order to trick the system, was to put a space in front of their website name when they submitted it for inclusion.

I’ve seen doorway pages, agent redirects, link farms, keyword stuffing, and all kinds of sketchy tactics come and go. Needless to say, I’ve optimized websites for almost all of the different SEO changes. It’s been a crazy ride and a ride that I’m glad I’ve taken. Enough reminiscing though.

I don’t sell clients on some “secret juice” or “proprietary method” because. . . there isn’t one. That’s the truth most SEOs won’t tell you. On the same note, there are no guarantees for organic top placement. Nobody except for the search engines themselves can make sure a guarantee.

If you shop around for an SEO agency you will find that everyone will tell you how either they discovered or how they have some secret method. Run. Run fast and run far. After 20 years of doing this, I can tell you that there is one tried and true method of getting and keeping good placement.

  1. Create pages that are relevant to what your users want.
  2. Do everything you can to mark up the pages to best convey the importance and subject of that page.
  3. Increase the number of good links and citations to both your website and its most important pages.
  4. Increase brand awareness.

That’s it. That’s all there is to it. SEO is simple but it’s not easy. There are a thousand and one options, strategies, and ideas to implement. It’s time-consuming. If you have the time and want to dedicate yourself to gaining long-lasting positioning, feel free to read through my blog and I’ll tell you exactly how to get good ranking. If you have a comment, question, or concern, use the contact info at the bottom of the pages to reach out to me.

Well, that about sums the who I am and what I’m about in regards to search engine optimization. If you want to know more about who I am or have questions about optimizing your website, reach out to me via LinkedIn, Facebook, or email.